Blue Kindness

Promoting Connectivity Between Adel Law Enforcement and Our Citizens

Blue Kindness is a nonprofit group that supports Adel Police officers’ ability to perform scattered acts of kindness in the community they serve. Our goal is to build trust, create harmony, establish unity – and simply make someone’s day a little better.

Encouraging ‘Scattered Acts of Kindness’

Someone in the line ahead of you pays for your coffee, your groceries, or your drive-thru order. They’ve “paid it forward,” and you find yourself smiling all day! Perhaps it inspires you to pay it forward for someone else — and your smile deepens knowing you made someone’s day.

Police officers are known to often perform these scattered acts of kindness out of their own pockets. Kindness is contagious, and their acts build trust and encourage unity, raising the spirits of the giver and receiver and bringing the police and the community closer together. After all, together we ARE the community.

Blue Kindness is a community initiative developed to provide a managed fund to encourage and support Adel police officers to regularly share this kind of goodwill in the community they serve — OUR community.

Police Officer rescues baby
Community policing - an Hispanic police officer conversing with two adolescents, and bumping fists. The African-American boy is a 14 year old teenager. His friend is 12 years old. They are sitting side by side on steps outside a building.
A policewoman standing beside her squad car, leaning against it, looking at the camera. She is a mature woman in her 40s. Her partner, an Hispanic man in his 30s, is standing behind her, with his arms crossed.

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