About Blue Kindness

Supporting Scattered Acts of Kindness by the Adel Police Department

Our Mission Statement:

Blue Kindness’ mission is to promote communication and connectivity between those in law enforcement and the citizens of our community by creating funding to be managed by Blue Kindness and used appropriately via the Adel Police Department for the benefit of those they serve.

Who We Are:

Blue Kindness was created by a dedicated group of community residents working closely with the Adel Police Department and the City of Adel. We envisioned a program that’s much more than just buying someone a cup of coffee, although that could be one of the many types of scattered acts of kindness we do!

Our goal is to bring the community closer together, with the Adel Police Department being the tie that binds. This may sound a lofty goal, but it’s one we believe in. We want to create a way to bring officers and residents together in a way that benefits them both, resulting in better understanding, connection, and communication.

An on duty law enforcement officer talks to a young toddler boy and his mother, giving the child a stuffed a bear.

What We Do:

Blue Kindness supports scattered acts of kindness by Adel police officers. These “kindnesses” may include spontaneous acts such as buying a cup of coffee, an ice cream cone, or similar items. Or they may be needs of families and individuals observed by officers in the course of their duties.

Nondiscrimination Policy:

Blue Kindness is a nonprofit, non-discriminating organization that operates based on circumstances of need awareness and opportunities to act without consideration to a person’s race, religion, gender identification, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or political affiliation.

Learn About the Adel Police Department

Blue Kindness supports the efforts of the Adel Police Department. Learn more here!

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Contributions from local businesses, community groups, and individuals make the mission of Blue Kindness possible. You can donate today to support scattered acts of kindness in our community!

Headshot of woman with long strawberry blonde hair

Kristi Fuller

  • Branch Manager/ Private Banker
    Lincoln Savings Bank
  • Hiking, pickle ball, boating and anything family focused
Why Blue Kindness?
  • I love the idea of helping our law enforcement become more integrated with Adel residents. The strength of our community will continue to grow with a healthy relationship between the two. Their passion to help people and our Adel residents make a recipe for a successful program.
What I love about Adel!
  • I grew up in Adel and love everything about it as well as the people in it. I love being a cheerleader for Adel and helping others see the wonderful things Adel has to offer. Some of those things being: our trails, parks, water park, town square, and beautiful cemetery.
Headshot of man with brown hair in tan suit coat, light blue shirt and tan tie

Scott A. Hall, JD, MBA

Vice President, Blue Kindness
  • Partner, Carney & Appleby, P.LC.
  • Hiking, especially in National Parks, bird watching, Harley riding, reading, community service
Why Blue Kindness?
  • I believe in the power of community policing to make our communities safer and more inviting. Our local law enforcement are human beings dedicated to service and protection and it is important to me that all community members feel invited to interact with our police force and safe to engage with them about any and all local needs.
What I love about Adel!
  • The Adel community produced my wife and many of my other closest friends. From the first day I visited Adel, I felt comfortable and at home. My wife and I chose to raise our children here because of the quality schools, churches, businesses, recreation, and sense of community. We are fortunate to live in such a growing and thriving and safe and quiet community, and I want to help maintain and increase the community qualities in the years to come.
Headshot of man with white hair and glasses in dark gray suit coat and shirt

Dennis Leininger, CEPA, ASBC, CPC

President/Founder, Blue Kindness
  • Founder and President of Business Transition Solutions
  • Golf, classic cars, Hawkeye football, basketball & wrestling, community, and alumni projects
Why Blue Kindness?
  • This project spoke to me as a way to enhance the positive relationship between the community and Adel Police Officers while providing a means to engage beyond the regular activity of the department. It is exciting to see a program that can provide positive support to our citizens, lift the spirits of the officers, and engage local businesses!
What I love about Adel!
  • I grew up in Adel and the support and encouragement from the community members and school created the perfect incubator for me to grow and develop! I moved back here twenty years later, and it fits like a glove. I love this town, which of course, means the people in it and I enjoy seeing everyone at the businesses around town or just driving down the street. Adel is home!
Headshot of long blond hair and glasses in brown suit coat, white ruffled shirt and large gold necklace

Jodi L. Selby MBA, CFE, CAMS

Treasurer, Blue Kindness
  • Director, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance
    ARAG Legal Insurance
  • Reading, working out, traveling, golfing, community service
Why Blue Kindness?
  • I have always been a strong supporter of law enforcement. Coming from a law enforcement family gave me a firsthand view of the sacrifices our officers make each and every day to keep our community a safe place to live and work. I believe an organization such as Blue Kindness will serve not only as an opportunity for law enforcement to meet needs that may otherwise go unmet, but also as an opportunity for the community to contribute directly to supporting those needs.
What I love about Adel!
  • I have lived in Adel nearly my entire life. I love so much about Adel; the brick streets, the town square, the small-town feel, but most of all, the people. No matter where you go; Fareway, Baldon’s, the Corner Tap...Adel just has some really wonderful people.
Headshot of man with brown hair in a navy suit coat, white shirt and gold tie

James West, MBA, FLMI, CIC

Secretary, Blue Kindness
  • Vice President of Corporate Business Development at NCMIC
  • Woodworking, learning, all things Iowa Hawkeyes, community involvement and philanthropy
Why Blue Kindness?
  • My favorite saying is, “be the change you want to see in the world”. Police officers often interact with people in some of the worst moments of their life. Helping police officers create a positive experience from a negative event helps foster stronger community relations with police officers. Those strong relationships create safer and healthier communities for everyone. Being a part of an organization that promotes positivity is the change I want to see in the world.
What I love about Adel!
  • My wife and her family grew up in Adel. When we were trying to decide where to raise our family we wanted a smaller town, great schools, rich history, opportunities for community involvement, and a strong sense of community pride. Adel checked all those boxes. We love that Adel continues to live its rich history and the focus of keeping small town living at the forefront while continuing to grow and provide opportunities for all.

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